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Our Optometrist In Cuyahoga Falls

Welcome to the heart of optometric excellence, where Dr. Ty J. Miller, OD, is your visionary healer. As the esteemed optometrist inside LensCrafters, Dr. Miller brings a wealth of experience and a commitment to providing you with the best eye care.


22 Years of Dedicated Optometry

Embark on the journey of Dr. Ty J. Miller, OD, a distinguished alumnus of Ohio State University. Graduating with honors in 1999 and 2001 with a Bachelor of Science in Physiological Optics and a Doctor of Optometry, Magna Cum Laude, Dr. Miller has been a beacon of knowledge and dedication since the inception of his practice in 2001.

Immerse Yourself In Excellence

Immerse yourself in the expertise and genuine care of Dr. Ty J. Miller, OD, your trusted optometrist inside LensCrafters. Schedule your appointment today, and let us guide you on a journey to clear and healthy vision.

Dr. Ty J Miller, optometrist in Akron, Ohio

Doctor of Optometry—Ty Miller

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A Day In The Life: Optometry With Dr. Ty J. Miller

Picture a day at Dr. Ty J. Miller O.D. Inc, where the optometric maestro works. Dr. Miller, a proud member of the American Optometric Association and the Zone 3 Treasurer for Ohio Optometric Association, dedicates his time to explaining eye exam results, describing options, and listening to your unique eye care needs.

Keeping Pace With Progress: Dr. Ty J. Miller's Commitment

"As a Doctor of Optometry, part of my commitment to my patients is ongoing professional education. As technology and the world around us change, I have to keep up-to-date because I have to provide the best care possible for your eyes." Dr. Ty J. Miller thrives on staying abreast of advancements to ensure your eyes receive the latest and most effective care.

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Meet Dr. Ty J. Miller: Beyond The Optometry Room

Dr. Ty J. Miller isn't just your optometrist; he's a Canton, Ohio native who loves the city's Pro Football Hall of Fame. With roots deep in the community, Dr. Miller, alongside his wife, Mandy, creates an environment of warmth and familiarity. An avid sports fan, he finds joy in running and working outside.