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Located Inside LensCrafters Serving Akron, Cuyahoga Falls & Tallmadge

Your Contact Lens Specialist In Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Dr. Ty J Miller & Associates

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With such a wide range of contact lenses, there is a type for almost every vision condition. In addition, contact lenses offer ultimate wearing comfort and crisper vision than many eyeglasses can provide. Altogether, this led to their rising popularity. At Dr. Ty J Miller & Associates, we keep up with the current demand for high quality, brand-name contact lenses. To satisfy your visual needs in Akron, OH, we keep a well-stocked collection of contacts in our office, located conveniently in the Lenscrafters in the Portage Crossing Shopping Center.

To identify the perfect contact lenses for you, Dr. Miller will perform a thorough contact lens eye exam and fitting. This is the only way to detect or rule out any pre-existing conditions that could affect wearing lenses comfortably. With cutting-edge technology, we will measure your eyes precisely to find the perfect contact lens fit. If you are hard-to-fit with lenses, we’ll work with you patiently to identify the right contact lenses.

Brands and types of contact lenses in our Cuyahoga Falls, OH store include:

Soft contact lenses
Rigid gas permeable lenses
Bifocal/multifocal lenses (for presbyopia)
Tinted contacts
Toric lenses (to correct astigmatism)
CIBA Vision – Air Optix
Bausch & Lomb Purevision
Coopervision – Avaira, Biofinity
Vistakon – Acuvue Oasys
Air Optix – Colors

If you have a current vision prescription, please visit to replenish your contact lens supply, or schedule a contact lens eye exam and fitting with Dr. Ty Miller, in our friendly eye care center in Lenscrafters at the Portage Crossing Shopping Center

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