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What Can You Do About Your Contact Lens-Related Dry Eyes?

The most common complaint among contact lens wearers today is that their contact lenses make their eyes feel exceedingly dry. This can be quite irritating and will even cause some to quit wearing contact lenses all together. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent it, which may allow you to solve your contact lens-related dry eye without having to dump your contacts altogether. Below, Dr. Ty J. Miller, OD of Akron, Ohio has compiled a number of suggestions for how to get rid of your dry, red, itchy eyes caused by your contact lenses.

Newer Lenses, Moister Eyes

Contact lens technology is constantly evolving. Like so many technologies in today's world, things that were cutting edge, top of the line innovations 2 years ago are practically ancient today. The same is true for contact lenses. Leading experts in the field of optometry agree that modern silicone hydrogel contact lenses seem to help prevent or reduce symptoms of contact-lens related dryness in a way that older types of contact lenses, even those from only a few years ago, do not. If you have been wearing the exact same type of contact lenses for a few years now, it may be time to speak to your Akron eye doctor about newer types of contact lenses that may be more comfortable for you.

Sometimes, The Problem is The Solution

Different people have different sensitivities to materials and chemicals such as preservatives that may be put into various types of contact lens solutions. It is possible that the solution you are using for your contacts is causing your eyes to have an allergic reaction that causes them to feel itchy and dry. Although many contact lens solutions seem very much the same, each is formulated just a bit differently. Therefore, you should only use the contact lens solution recommended by your doctor, who generally knows about your eyes and may have some insight into the best solution formulated for your eyes.

Artificial Tears May Be A Real Help

Over-the-counter contact lens drops and artificial tears can sometimes help relieve contact lens-related dry eyes temporarily. However, this is not a long term solution generally, and you should be aware that some eye drops are not compatible with contact lenses. Your optometrist in Akron, OH should be able to direct you as to which eye drops or artificial tears will work best with your contact lenses.

Additional Tips To Beat Dry Eyes

In general, if you have the right type of contact lens and the right type of lens solution, you should be in a good position to wear contact lenses with consistent comfort. You may still experience dryness from time to time however. To minimize these occurrences, there are a few more simple steps you can take: Be sure to blink regularly when reading or on the computer for a long time. It may sound simple, but statistics show that many people blink far less when engaged in these activities, and this leads to dry eyes.

Wear sunglasses to minimize your eyes' exposure to wind and sunlight that could dry your eyes out. Be sure to drink enough water. 8 to 10 glasses per day will keep your whole body hydrated and healthy, including your eyes.

For more information, contact Dr. Ty J. Miller today.