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See Your Child Off To School with Good Vision

It's been a wonderful summer and it's hard to believe it's already August. Boys and girls everywhere are preparing for the next academic year, with backpacks, textbooks and of course, plenty of enthusiasm. This is a great opportunity to take your son or daughter to get an eye exam, if you haven't already covered that base. Proper vision is crucial for success in school and as your child gets older, there are a number of different stages that may cause changes in his or her eyesight.

Approximately 80 percent of progress at school is achieved visually. Despite the strong connection between eyesight and learning, many parents don't seem to be aware of how frequently occurring vision problems are, and as a result, don't get their child's eyes examined often enough. As your child's vision may change frequently, regular eye care is central to success at school.

As children go through school, it becomes even more important to monitor their eyesight.

Struggling to meet the demands schoolwork can make on a student's eyes may significantly affect his/her progress. Technology that's recently been integrated into the classroom, such as the use of interactive whiteboards, can also potentially exacerbate previously hidden vision problems. When a child doesn't have good enough vision, it isn't just their school work that suffers. It's mentally and emotionally taxing also.

If your child has already been tested for and fitted with glasses, now is a good time to consider buying some newer frames. If you want a child to wear his glasses, he better be comfortable in them!

Find a good time to stop by to see us as part of your back-to-school routine. We'll do our very best to help all the kids we treat start the academic year with their vision in check.