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Fresh Lenses: Why?

Do you ever leave your disposable contact lenses in for just a few days extra? Everyone knows that a lot of things are in their best condition when they are at their freshest. Well, the same rule can also help you understand how often you should change your contact lenses. It's not a good idea to keep your contacts in longer than you've been advised to. Although it might seem okay to wear them just one more time, if you want your eyes to look healthy, follow the wearing and changing regime that your eye care professional decides on. In other words, if you've been instructed to wear a new pair daily, change them daily, because they can't withstand extended wear.

You might think to yourself, can't I just squeeze a few extra days out of them? In order to better understand this, let's take a look at protein - although not the edible sort, but the natural protein contained in your eye fluids that gradually accumulates on your lenses, forming a light haze. Blurry eyesight is just the initial result.

If this continues, these proteins evolve and confuse your immune system, which begins to think that the accumulation is something foreign, which in turn can result in eye irritation, itching and redness. This leads to a situation where your eyesight suffers. Even if you take perfect care of your contacts, eventually they'll become less smooth and clear, which is the result of normal wear and tear.

So stick to the schedule your eye care professional decides on for you. When you dispose of and replace your lenses when you're told to, you'll never detect the difference that is so obvious when you wear them any longer than you're meant to.