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This Month Be Aware of Toys and Eye Safety

Holiday season is just around the corner and we all know what that means, Erector Sets for some, and Barbie dolls for others. Well meaning aunts and uncles delight in surprising the favorite little ones with the newest toys to start off the New Year.
Leading optometry specialists advise that parents explain to relatives some guidelines when it comes to toys and eye safety. Injuries with unsafe toys and games do take place, occasionally resulting in blindness.

What are some rules to guard children from toy related injury?

  1. Only purchase gifts which are suitable for the child's age. Do not permit young children to use toys meant for older children.
  2. Check that the toy is made of strong, durable material and that there are no sharp corners. Make sure toys with a handle such as swords or brooms are smooth on the edge.
  3. Try not to let small children play unsupervised.
  4. Protect little eyes by tossing out toys that have jagged or staggered edges or projectiles, such as BB guns.

Before you purchase the popular toy or game that your child has been begging for, take some time to read eye safety tips when it comes to children's toys. Anyone who has ever watched ''A Christmas Story'' should have learned that already. Wishing you a happy and safe holiday season.